Cookie cutter photography. This is the type of photography we DON'T do at Bruce P. Kinsey Photography. We treat every shoot we do as a unique experience. We believe that’s one of our most distinguishing features. Our slogan is “Not only will you get great images, but you’ll have a great time as well!" We make it a fun experience while capturing the moment.


Sometimes people are apprehensive about having their picture taken. If you can get them to relax and enjoy themselves it just makes it that much easier. Whatever it takes; whether telling jokes, saying funny things, or just lighthearted conversation, just to be able to get them to relax and enjoy the experience. We're very easy to work with and very accommodating.

We prefer to get to know the subjects prior to the shoot and learn more about them and who they are as people. We feel this is a great way to connect with them, which allows us to achieve a successful session. We also go over clothing, makeup, and hair styles. For corporate headshots, you want to decide what type of image you want to project to your audience. Perception is a very powerful thing. You want to think about your business or company and what your image says about you and who you represent. These are a number of things that are discussed prior to the shoot.

At Bruce P. Kinsey Photography we are very flexible. We’ll go pretty much anywhere you want to do a shoot. We're completely mobile. We can do the shoot at our home studio, at your house, inside or outside, on location, inside or outside, and as said before pretty much anywhere you want to work. Buy us a plane ticket and the world is our oyster!

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